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TPI is an eco-friendly wood substitution suitable for exterior and interior. TPI wood &TPI board are suitable for flooring , cladding, ceiling and paneling with various thicknesses and textures.

TPI Board-Ceiling

Is designed flat with a very smooth surface. It is ideal for both interior or exterior ceiling as well as soffits & arched and high moisture ceilings.

TPI Board-Wall

TPI Board-Wall is excellent for interior partitions & exterior cladding. It is formulated for high impact strength and resistance to heat, water and moisture.

TPI Board-Floor

TPI Board-Floors are strong and tough boards for load bearing elevated floors and floor leveling. Ideal for upper areas in residences, factories, stores and farms.

TPI Wood Plank

TPI Wood Planks are wood substitute fiber cement planks. Extremely strong yet flexible, they are ideal as wall cladding for both interior and exterior. Wood Planks are also suited for fence or gate cladding. The wood grain textures allow for a near wood look for the wall, fence or gate while maintaining non-wood features such as dimension stability, termite, water and weather resistance.