Message from Managing Director

For more than a decade, Suriwong has been holding onto the belief of supplying innovative and sustainable building materials that not only create industry efficiency, but to contribute in building a better and lasting future.

We believe experience, technology and commitment hold the key value to a reliable building material. Suriwong is committed to serve the market with carefully selected materials from our trusted principal partners. Therefore, our team has been exploring materials from every corner of the world in order to bring you products that have earned their credibility in the industry. Glancing at the establishment history, we trust that there must be reasons to why our product lines are still the best and one of a kind in the industry.

Over the years, we are proud to be able to participate in some of the award winning projects. Architects and designers are always striving for a remarkable building as their signature piece. Hence, selection of decorative building material became a pivotal choice in the design in order to achieve the aesthetic and performance requirement. Our professional product ambassadors are well-trained with the knowledge to facilitate product recommendation and specification for designers. Attention and extra care of detailing are dedicated to each and every opportunity given to us.

Always adding in our diverse product range, Suriwong is committed to provide the most comprehensive and cutting-edge selection of decorative building solutions available today.

Simon Kang

Managing Director

We Believe in Choice

Here at Suriwong we celebrate life and its often overlooked details. We realize that design and build are the most complex entity in the known universe; and it takes countless factors for your design to become a reality.


Here, YOU are our priority; everything is about you, and nothing will make us happier than seeing your design wholly representing you with nothing standing in the way. In order to fulfill that, we choose to establish a partnership with you. After all, you too, are the maker of Suriwong.


To build your design, we invite you to customize at Suriwong. Here, you start by selecting your favourite fit and materials. Then our ambassador will help you to decide by providing their professional ideas and advice. With our quality and environmental friendly products, once your design is built, it will be a masterpiece that is uniquely YOURS.


Attention and care are dedicated to each and every aspect of the product we represent. Every brand that we represent has been carefully filtered and selected. We believe in the modern and innovative building materials that not only benefit the users, but the environment too. We insist in offering good quality and environment friendly products in our brand selections. All this is done with YOU in mind and in the pursuit of quality, environment safety and sustainability.

Quality is Our Tradition

We hereby invite the world to look closer at the details and selection of our building materials. We encourage the widespread of love and care for the nest details in building materials all over the world, and especially Suriwong. Let’s work together towards building a sustainable future.

We do not compromise tradition over profit. Only the best building materials made it through our product specialists’ keen watchful eyes. Quality and environment safety are our priority, very much so that for our belief, every finished design that is built with our products is a masterpiece, and we are proud of our contribution in protecting the environment, every time. Our passion in creating a greener future drives us to never compromise quality over profit and to always stay true.