The Absolute Inspiration

Time is the key inspiration of emotions and transformation. New experiences turn into profound memories and inspire us to take new actions. An individual vision. When shared and communicated to others. Can be transformed into common truth. Utopias and reality exist side by side and influence each other in a continuous interplay. The meaning of words changes: words such as “elegance”. “modern” or “romantic” generate completely different images as they used to in the past. At the same time. We recognise universal categories and original reactions which have survived for centuries in their essence and which could be considered part of our eternal common heritage.

Full of energy and passion. We transmit our inner glow to our surroundings. Colours are more intense. The inner spirits come alive. We experience the world differently in times of involvement or concentration. Silence and equability let colours fade. Consistency invites reflection. Hidden details become visible. Gain in depth and meaning. At the same time the composed entirety becomes visible when observed from a distance.