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Ralph Wilson, Sr., a retired laminate industry executive, founded Wilsonart in 1956 in Temple, Texas as a producer of High Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPL). Surprisingly, Wilson’s intent was never to build a major competitor, but rather to fill his free time. Today, we still honor his thoughtful approach to business: hire a dedicated local work force, produce high-quality products, and insist upon an old-fashioned commitment to top-notch customer service.

In November, 2012, the Wilsonart businesses, along with our global sister companies, became an independent company once again. Wilsonart is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of High Pressure Laminates, Quartz, Solid Surface and other engineered surfaces used in furniture, office and retail space, countertops, worktops, and other applications.



Wilsonart® woodgrains laminate transfers many impressions of fine-grain and natural beauty into designs of laminates. Wilsonart® woodgrains laminate offers richer design options and impressive finish surfaces.
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It was limited to roofing but has extended its range to fiber cement materials for walling, ceiling, flooring and furniture
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Wilsonart® pattern laminate features a wide array of laminate patterns for commercial or residential application. Adaptable. Dependable. Beautiful. Choose from more than 50 striking colours and styles to create your own dynamic, elegant looking, versatile and renewable design that is original, durable and easy to maintain.
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Capture the authentic essence of natural stones while incorporating neutral colors in reimagined structures.

Featuring trendy neutrals like warm and cool whites, greys, and black, each design is uniquely suited to mix with a variety of styles and trends for evergreen spaces.
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Metalaminates™ is designed for vertical interior applications where a special accent is required or a special mood is desired. The surface of METALAMINATES and Decorative Metals are those of fine finished metal. These materials are appropriate for vertical areas in hotel and office lobbies, theaters, retail facilities and restaurants, where their special eye-catching properties add a definite prestigious appeal.
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Custom Laminate

Modern digital prints and other motif patterns pressed into Wilsonart® individually and are possible even as one-off order. Custom Laminate offers a variety of innovative processes to create attractive, “one-sheet-at-a-time“ designs for signage, displays, tables, elevator cabs and other areas where company logos or custom work can be used.
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Wilsonart® Laminate with AEON technology creates a surface that is dramatically more durable than before.
Laminate with AEON technology outperform traditional laminate on wear resistance as well as scratch, scuff, mark
resistance.Enhanced performance laminates are 3 to 5 times more resistant to traditional laminate, while wear
resistance reaches 1,200 cycles, outperforming the standard by 3 times.

Magnetic Laminate

Wilsonart® Magnetic board is integrating functionality and design into one solution bringing a new way to manage and display important information, pictures or decorative items adding decoration to the room.

Marker Board

Wilsonart® Marker Board Laminate offers great versatility and decorative opportunities as a dual purpose board for
projection and dry or wet erase uses. Wilsonart® Marker Board is excellent surfaces for office conference room,
school classroom to hospital cafeterias.
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Wilsonart® Solicor is designed to enhance your most prestigious and refined projects in furniture. The Solicor
allows you to create clean lines without visible edges.
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Fire Rated Laminate

Wilsonart® Fire-Rated Laminate is produced for interior application where a decorative surface must combine durability, easy care and style with resistance to Flame Spread and Smoke Development in case of fire. It can be applied for casework and cabinets, wainscoting, interior doors, and wall panel and divider systems. This laminate is particularly appropriate for surfacing furniture in public places such as airports, hotels, office buildings and institutions such as hospitals and schools.

Compact Board

Wilsonart® Compact Board with high impact strength against water, stream, and moisture. All the variety of Wilsonart®
range from solid colors, woodgrain, stone and custom designs can be chosen to make one-sided or two-sided compact board. Suitable for both interior and exterior works (exterior grade) such as interior wall feature, exterior wall claddings, toilet cubicle, elevator walls, partitions, kitchen countertops, doors and signages.


Chemsurf® is specifically designed for highly corrosive environments. Chemsurf® provides exceptional chemical and wear resistance in an extensive array of decorative patterns. This versatile laminate is an ideal alternative to slate, stainless steel or epoxy when either cost or weight is prohibitive. It is available in post-formed worktop and in solid panel.

Top Bonded

Wilsonart® HPL applied on wooden materials such as MDF, plywood, particle board with edged or seamlessly postformed.



VELTOUCH is a new material with a very smooth feel. A striking matte finish that produces quality spaces.


In 2008, we launched CELSUS, the world’s first decorative panel featuring Anti-Fingerprint (AFP) capabilities. (According to our research)

AICA’s proprietary technology successfully keeps fingerprints from being visible on HPL and, in addition, allow for reduced HPL surface reflectance white creating vivid colors and patterns.
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AICA feature new innovative surfacing materials VIRUTECT product which can reduce virus and prevent the growth of bacteria + anti-fingerprint technology.
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Purecore / Realcore

PURECORE makes the surface color much clear & beautiful. Even the cut-edge of HPL will be a part of design with high sense of unity.

REALCORE with core color close to surfaces helps to make the natural cut-edge with a sense of unity.
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+WONDER series is a collaboration brand established by Aica Kogyo and LIGHT CUBE a textile design company. Variety designs have been released. We have a wide selection of elegant and bold marble patterns.

Enjoy your “personal surprise” with +WONDER series.
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